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Young Master Luan Opens A School

Before Luan Xingfu passed away my shifu, Shi Zhengzhong, took me to his home for tea. This is a story told directly to me from Luan Shiye.

When still in his 20's Luan Shiye's master sent him to another village to begin teaching martial arts. Within this village there already was a martial arts school, but the members had not attained a high level of skill. News of the newly arrived teacher traveled fast and was greeted condescendingly. The indignant students of the local school confronted Luan Shiye in the hopes of defeating him and making him lose face. Their sole purpose being to run him out of town. In each case the challengers attempt at disgracing Luan Shiye failed as he won each encounter decisively.

Finally, a group of nearly thirty men from that school surrounded Luan Shiye as he was walking down a country lane. Since the best of their fighters had already lost to him none dared approach single handedly. Instead they picked up rocks and large stones and positioned themselves around Luan Shiye. Once the first stone was thrown a hail storm of rocks began to fly. The entire group heaved their stones with all their might. Luan Shiye squatted down low and covered his head with his hands and knees. As soon as a lull in the throwing appeared he merely stood up and fearlessly continued walking on his way. The futility of the attackers stoning combined with Luan Shiye's utter lack of fear must have come as a shock indeed!

Luan Shiye's ability to physically withstand the stoning can be attributed to his qi gung training. Luan Shiye placed a strong emphasis on the training of qi gung for body conditioning. This qi gung is well known within the mantis community as Three Turns Nine Rotations. In Shiye Luan's school he introduced a new posture every 2 months. The first posture that deals with internal strengthening of the back is pictured here.

 During the practice of this posture you must push your qi to the back using both mind and muscle. The teacher strikes this area to make sure that the student does it correctly and to build the pressure of the qi. The actual posture aids the student in sending the qi to the correct location. You can discern this for yourself by mimicking the posture shown here with fully inflated lungs. With your mouth closed try to push air out of your kidney's. When done correctly you will feel an inflating sensation there.

Immortal Raises Hands
Earth produces metal

With bent knees lower your waist and maintain your position firmly at the bottom.
Expel the qi as if finely pulling silk.
Knock your hands compel the qi and turn your body up.
Stamp both feet with all your body's strength.
The dantian returns the qi to dwell in the kidney's.
Return your hands and raise the cauldron as if embracing the moon.
Opening, shutting, gathering and closing the lung inhales and inhales

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