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Spring Dawn

Asleep in spring I did not heed the dawn
Till the birds broke out singing everywhere.
Last night, in the clamor of wind and rain,
How many flowers have fallen
        do you suppose?

April Pan has written out the Tang (618-907) dynasty poem by renowned poet Meng Haoran (691-740).

This poem appears in Tang Dynasty's List of 300 best poems. A book of the 300 best poems of China from the Tang Dynasty. The Tang Dynasty is China's golden age of poetry.

Calligraphy measures 14'x27'.

Shipping Details

Shipped to you in a sturdy reinforced cardboard tube.

The rice paper is delicate and we recommend that you have your artwork framed at a local art shop or frame shop.

Due to fragile nature of the artwork there are no returns unless your artwork arrives to you damaged.

Paypal payments coming soon!

Disciplined Spontaneity

Disciplined! ...yet fluid and spontaneous, improvised at the moment of writing the frame of mind of the artist is a disciplined spontaneity.

Rhythm, Momentum and Mental Expression

The magic of calligraphy is that it transforms your soul! To do this you must train yourself to become attuned to the artwork. You tune yourself into the artwork by observing with a quiet and calm mind. Your mind and heart will match the rhythm, momentum and mental expression of the artist. This is what makes Chinese brushwork such a valuable art form in Asia. The ability of an artist to create artwork that transforms and transports the soul and spirit of the tranquil heart!

Zen of calligraphy

Rhythm, momentum and mental expression is what calligraphy requires of the artist. When the viewer appreciates a masterpiece of calligraphy the viewer puts themselves on the same wavelength as the artist. The viewer simply observes with an empty and tranquil mind. This is the Zen of calligraphy.

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