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Mantis Captures the Cicada T-Shirt

 for Men and Women

April Pan's calligraphy of Mantis Captures the Cicada in front.

The complete sonnet in back.




Mantis Captures the Cicada


When a mantis sees a cicada and wants to capture it,

The mantis will grab the cicada,

Roll about,

strike and push,

Suddenly attacking and suddenly retreating,

Cautiously looking forward and backward,

Forcefully raising the arms and striking agilely,

Like a swift clap of thunder leaving no time to cover the ears.


When you can do this, you have mastered the Mantis style.

It must be perceived though experience, not descriptions.

April Pan has written out the ancient description of the Mantis as it was recorded in both the manuscript on Mantis Boxing known as 9981 as well as Plum Flower Mantis Boxing master Cui Shoushan's section on Mantis applications!

9981 Appears in several ancient manuscripts including the well known Sheng Shao Dao Ren's manuscript on Mantis Boxing.

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Mantis Captures the Cicada T-Shirt

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April Pan the Artist

April began her study of calligraphy at the tender age of 5 years old. Raised in a family of teachers and artists she quickly applied the essentials of good design to her artwork and was entered in contests both locally and abroad. Much to the surprise of her friends, family and teachers she began taking first prize in most every contest she entered.

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April Brazier Calligraphy



Scene from the DVD



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