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Babu Lian Huan DVD contents

A shot from the DVD


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-The solo form performance allows you to see how the form is done with proper speed and power generation.
-The partner form displays the form against a defending and counter attacking partner.
-Applications of the form are shown hitting their target as well as how the applications are defended against. This allows you to see the moves from the view point of both the attacker and the defender.
-Eight partner drills from the form. This is a chance to sharpen key aspects of your training by drilling short sections of this two person set.

Mantis Boxing drills
-Four partner kicking drills as follows:
A. Three connected kicks
B. low pull round kick
C. sprouting kick with plucking hand
D. sprouting kick with collapsing step takedown and rolling hand escape
-Four partner hand drills of three punches each. A visual explanation how to "flow" from method to method.
A. Outer hanging hand
B. Inner adding punch
C. lift-hug-add a punch
D. rolling punch
-Four two man kao strikes. The first stage of arm pounding and takedowns. 
-Three takedowns showing how to enter with the hands and finish with the takedown.
A. solo form with technique names in English and Chinese on each picture in freeze frame style
B. the same for the partner form.

C. The class training two person drills in round robin fashion.


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DVD Shaolin Eight Step Continuous Fist
Qty: Price: $40.00

The cover of Shaolin Eight Step Continuous Fist has the inserting palm technique. This picture is from Shaolin boxing's first known manuscript on empty hand fighting.



Scene from the DVD

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