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Traditional Chinese Mantis Boxing Class

Mon Wed & Fri

6pm ~ 7:00pm

12301 Memorial Hwy  Tampa FL

Right off Countryway Blvd


Call or email

Kevin Brazier 813-495-3060

  • Praying Mantis Kung Fu $80 a month
  • Bring liquid to drink and a towel for after training.
  • Classes taught the traditional way in front of nature under the trees!

How can the weak defeat the strong?


The following are the principles that we learn in Mantis Boxing.

It all lies in deceptive dodging, leaping and turning.
If you can dodge deceptively then even though your opponent has a mountain pulling force it will be wasted in vain.
By leaping and turning you can break into your opponent's opening and take advantage of him.
It is best to seemingly give way while not really giving way.
First break through then turn and come back, why should you remain motionless?"


Read the complete article in Deception Within the Boxing of Shaolin and Mantis


  • This is the method taught in Master Brazier's kung fu class.

  • Kevin Brazier has trained extensively in martial arts including 16 years of training in Taiwan under Master Shi Zhengzhong.

  • In Taiwan, Master Brazier was chief martial arts instructor at Tainan Boy's First High School

Training in Taiwan

At the beginning of class we hold each of the eight postures. This is at Confucius Temple in Tainan city.


The old way of training the straight sword. First you train the solo movements to perfection then begin the training of the partner form until all the techniques are mastered.

More on training methods coming soon!!





Scene from the DVD




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